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The Do's and Don'ts of Kitchen Cooker Hood Installation

The Do's and Don'ts of Kitchen Cooker Hood Installation - CIARRA

Installing a kitchen hood is only easy when you are well-informed and you know what you need in your kitchen. You need to shortlist on a product after much deliberation about the requirements of your kitchen, the usability factor, and the space available in the kitchen. 

If you just land up in the store and buy the most advanced version of the kitchen cooker hood, then it will fail you, because you need to buy a model that customizes well with your kitchen space and use, and not something that merely ‘looks’ good.

Certain factors should be considered when buying cooker hood range while talking particularly of CIARRA online store; you find a whole lot of clarity on kitchen types and chimney types that go with them. So you need a certain amount of research on the same before narrowing-down on a model:

  1. Don’t buy smaller kitchen hoods to your cooktop’s size

You need to make sure that the size of the cooker hood is either equal to the size of your cooktop or better if it is bigger than that. Hence, it will make sure that your whole stove area is covered by the chimney leaving no scope for the smoke to escape. Don’t ever go for a kitchen hood type which is smaller than the size of your cooking area.

  1. Go for mounted kitchen hoods if you have spacious kitchens

 The best part about having a larger kitchen space is that you can have a bigger cooker  hood appliance that can be installed in your kitchen. The mountable products come with bigger ducts, which are way better than the ductless chimneys. They are more productive and suck most of the smoke, grease, and moisture completely and throw that out.

So, one should try to avoid ductless kitchen appliances in the hood-range if the kitchen area is extended and roomy. On the other hand, a ductless hood would be trapping the oleaginous air in the filters that circulate clean air but moisture isn’t fully passed out.

  1. Do pick remotely accessible devices or touch screens for a relaxed time in the kitchen

Digital chimneys have been stocking high on the shelves because of their increasing demand. It is always better when one can access them using a remote control or if they have a touch screen enabled interface. This feature in the hoods would give your kitchen easy access as well as make the kitchen achieve a contemporary appeal.

  1. Don’t fall for ineffective filters only because they are discounted or cheap products

Buying cheap carbon filters will be ineffective, so better crack a deal which gives you a higher price because you would know it’s going to work. The cheap filters won't absorb the grease or odor completely that will make your kitchen even more sultry. So, it’s better to go for good quality premium filters which can also be cleaned easily at frequent intervals. 

  1. Avoid the conventional chimneys that are too noisy

It’s better to buy the advanced versions of these appliances which work on the noise control principle. So, even when you switch to the higher level of the fan's speed in the stainless steel chimney cooker hood, you would know it is not going to increase its volume. This way, you may rest assured that your experience of standing in the kitchen while you cook would be worthy. You might even switch on some good music as you stir the skittle, instead of cluttering the ambiance with the noise.

So, it will be wise if you make use of these do’s and don’ts when you buy a premium quality kitchen hood range.

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