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The Best Double Induction Hob – Perfect for Small Kitchens

The Best Double Induction Hob – Perfect for Small Kitchens - CIARRA

Living in a small house can be equal fun as living in a bigger one if you have made the right choices of the interior. The merchandise that you use, the appliances that you buy, the interior that you decide for your place will determine the quality of your living even in a smaller place. A squeezed house would mean a smaller kitchen space as well, and in such cases, the kitchen appliances should also be compact that blend well in the kitchen area. 

CIARRA kitchen appliances are the ones that strive to make your kitchen look spacious, cleaner, and much more organized than before. A wonderful collection to be explored here is a portable induction cooktop range that is unique, compressed, and highly useful. 

Let’s explore the induction hob cooktops designed for small kitchens, to know more about its striking features of this range of cooktops by CIARRA:

Ultra-thin cooktop for a sleeker look in your small size kitchen

The genius behind the design at CIARRA is that this is so chic, slim, and sleek that makes this product a portable appliance. So you can easily carry this beautiful induction hob on your Sunday picnics, and if you want to savor the weather outside, then you may try cooking in your garden too. Both sides of the double induction hob can be used independently of each other as and when required.

Energy-efficient products by CIARRA

On these modern cooktops, the cooking is done through an electromagnetic induction heating process, and unlike fire flames, there is no scope of heat loss. Therefore, all the energy is consumed by the pot, thus heavily reducing the cooking time as well. This stunning range of double induction hob can work within nine power levels, and there are ten temperature ranges to select from highest being 240°C.

Smart technology-based induction Hobs with acoustic signals

  • There are no buttons on the cooktop but just digital markings that you operate just like you operate your smartphone. The simplicity of this cooktop makes it very handy to use and can be operated even by newbies in the kitchen without any trouble. The smart technology allows you to set a 3-hour digital timer in case of dishes that take longer to cook. The advanced engineering used in this design ensures that there is an automatic cut off the heat process as 
  • The same is made of tough glass-ceramic which is very easy to clean. So, no stains will get absorbed by this material and will be cleaned with a simple wipe from the cloth. These competing and effective touch control systems are compatible with 12-18 cm utensils and in case there is an accidental touch the acoustic signal technology will cut the heating process.

So why not cut the labor of investing in heavy-duty cooktops in case you have smaller space in the house. The best option to choose is to trust CIARRA for its smart induction hobs that are highly productive, safe, and quick to assemble. You don’t need any gas connections, just plug and play them for a great experience.

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