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Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods - Discover the new things in Kitchen design

Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods - Discover the new things in Kitchen design - CIARRA

Often cooker hoods are regarded as lavish fixtures; however, they have gradually become popular in every domiciliary and kitchen thus echoing the fact that they are such a necessity. The function of any premium quality cooker hood is to remove dense air coming from the dish being cooked. It proficiently absorbs all the lubricious air emitting out from the dish, consequently diminishing cooking odor as well. This basically stops the air from spreading around in the kitchen by sucking the unwanted air inside and throws it outside.

At CIARRA, there is an exquisite assortment of stainless steel cooker hoods that can be bought to give your kitchen an impeccable finesse as well as much-needed sanitation, sparkling ether, and grease-free light surroundings. Let’s explore the three broad categories of the durable and scintillating kitchen cooker hood range at CIARRA:

Wall-mounted cooker hoods for an organized look and clean kitchen environment

There are varied models under this classification of the mount hoods, and the best-selling one is the 90cm touch control linear cooker hood. This version works as quickly as 550m3/h of the extraction rate and works with the noise control principle. There are three levels of the speed which can be controlled using the touch option which makes this device highly amenable and accommodating in all ménages. These insolent machines come with built-in LED bulbs that are surprisingly durable and have a great service life. This wall mounted cooker hood has metal grease filters and if necessary you may wash them in soapy water easily as a part of monthly maintenance.

Undercabinet integrated hood suitable for compact kitchens

The evergreen stainless steel makes this such a suitable fixture for the kitchen which renders optimal comfort to the person who spends most of their time there. The appliance works efficiently with an enormously high extraction rate of 300 m3/h, it has an applauding low noise level and works on three ventilation speeds. This is a mini type (52cm) visor cooker hood which works remarkably with apartment kitchens or with modern kitchens. Therefore, integrated cooker hoods acquires lesser space and provides a well-ordered guise to the kitchen. Among, other models are also facilitated by similar scintillating features of LED lighting and its notable durability.

Chic Island Cookers Hoods that hook stunningly in your kitchen

For those who like to pep-up the entire vibe of the kitchen, those who like to club style with necessity, then island cooker hood is the one utilization waiting to get inside your space. It comes with a suspended 2m steel rope that’s adjustable as well. The magnificent hood system has a suction power of 550 m3/h and is driven with an exceptional noise control system. The system is powered with an infrared remote control which can be controlled even when you are 5m away from it. Once attached many of the problems related to cooking pollution, smell, and grease in the air will be solved in no time.

All the products will come with 24 months warranty; therefore, that re-stresses the quality of these kitchen appliances from CIARRA. The LED display adds a classic feature to these products and lets them achieve an altogether inimitable appeal. They look like a vital part of your kitchen and embellish them in the most fruitful manner.

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