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CIARRA Built-in Induction Hob: Best induction cooktop for kitchen 2021

CIARRA Built-in Induction Hob: Best induction cooktop for kitchen 2021 - CIARRA

Are you looking for the best cooktop in the market but do not know where to start? From parents who need to cook daily meals for their little ones to the college students and workers who have very little time to prepare food before rushing out –everyone needs a cooktop that can make cooking faster and easier. CIARRA understands your requirement and therefore, instead of providing you a few default sized kitchen appliances, it has hobs with different power outputs, cooking zones and of course, different price ranges so that established working people, as well as homemakers and students can afford these. Here are the best cooktops that you can check out –

2000W Hob With One Cooking Zone

Students, workers and those who live alone or with one member will find the 2000W hob one of the most useful appliances, thanks to its eight power levels starting from 300W. Adjust between eight temperature ranges i.e. 600 to 2400 Centigrade accordingly. If you are busy, just set the timer from 0 to 99 minutes. With built-in EMC, it is suitable to hold containers of 12-28cm diameter.

3500W Hob With Double Hotplate

If the above-mentioned induction hob is insufficient for your cooking requirements, the ultra thin double hob with two cooking zones will be a great choice. Besides the smart timer control setting, it has nine power levels from 0W to 3500W and ten temperature ranges from 600 to 2400 Centigrade. Each zone can support 12-28cm pot.

Induction Hobs With 3 Zones

One of the most used cooktops from CIARRA will be the hobs with three cooking zones and there are three variants to choose from according to power output and features.

  • CBBIH3-OW With 6100W Output

This built-in induction hob has three cooking zones compatible with 220-240V and it comes 0-99 minute timer functions. There are nine power levels to switch between different cooking functions for quick operation. Its pause function can be activated and deactivated by a single touch for safety and practicality while cooking.

  • CBBIH3B-OW With 6200W Output

Nine power levels with slider touch feature make this hob easy to operate. The output of left front burner, left rear burner and right front burner are 2000W, 16000W and 2600W respectively and with Boost function, these can reach 2400W, 2000W and 3000W respectively for heating at maximum temperature instantly. Apart from nine power levels, there is a function to keep the containers warm while preventing burning.     

  • CBBIH3BF-OW With 6500W Output

 In addition to slider touch and power boost this CIARRA kitchen appliance offers you Flex zones that is one large cooking area combined by the three zones so that you can fit large cookware like griddle and pans. The Flex feature automatically detects movement of the container on rear or front side to maintain same power output of 2600W, which increases to 3000W with Boost function. The 0-99 minute timer and nine power levels along with protection features like child lock and residual heat indication will make way for safe cooking.

Induction Hobs With 4 Zones

If you need more space for cooking more than three items simultaneously, the hobs with four cooking zones will suffice. Here are your options, each with power output of 7200W –

  • CBBIH4B-OW has slider touch feature for nine power levels and the boost function helps reaching the maximum temperature of 2400W from 2000W for left front and right rear burners each and 2000W from 1600W for left rear and right front each.   
  • CBBIH4BF-OW is among the best cooking appliances from CIARRA with Flex Zone that has the main power output of 2600W and 3000W in Boost function.
  • CBBIH4BFF-OW is undoubtedly the most efficient and advanced hob that has two Flex zones combined by two zones each. The flex can detect movement over the surface.

Each cooking hob has something unique to offer and it is up to you which one is deemed suitable for your kitchen.  

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